GET TO KNOW: Coco Rocha

A few weeks ago, I met up with supermodel Coco Rocha, who was promoting her new show, The Face, to a group of fans in Westchester Mall. We chatted about her social media addiction, her favorite closet items, and what the term Supermodel means to her.

FashionIndie: Nice to meet you Coco, we're huge fans. So tell us, why we should watch The Face?

Coco Rocha: Why not? Thats my answer. (laughs) Well first of all were all into mentorship-sort-of shows now-a-days. If you think of music, I mean how many mentor shows are there and we all love them? I feel like this was the time for modeling. We had Americas Next Top Model. It has done great--20 seasons so people want something and I think this is another way for them to want something more. And mentor-ship in modeling is exactly how we actually come about. Models do as well as they can do, they really need someone to kind of pull them under their wing and help them thrive. For me for example, was Steven Meisel. He did that for me. So now we get the chance to do it with other models, but this is kind of awesome to maybe start something like this for the younger generation to look up to models. Its true too what modeling is. This isnt just put on for TV. There is drama... that is what modeling is about. There is aggravation and turmoil and all of thatthat is modeling so now you get to see it live on TV.

FI: Amazing, well were super excited to watch it.

CR: Im excited for people to see it now.

FI: Awesome, can you tell me what your favorite blogs are?

CR: Oh, my favorite blogs. You know what? I am kind of obsessed with BuzzFeed. Of course and Ive got Coco Perez, Paris Hilton all of that... DListed but Buzz Feed is a way to calm down and not get me all hyperventilating about something. I can just look at a cat flying in the airits quite fantastic.

FI: Perfect. Speaking of blogs, youve been named a social media guru of modeling. How do you think social media changed your personal life?

CR: Its changed our industry completely. When I started, not that it was a long time ago but it was almost 10 years, I started with film. We didnt have digital cameras. We didnt have social media and if I had an interview, this was it. You would write it down. Id tell you my answers. You hated me? Youd write it in a negative way. If you liked me, you loved me? You would write it nicely. But nowadays with social media, if you have a platform to speak from and you write a nasty thing about me and I felt it wasnt exactly true, I now have the chance to go out there and write on my own behalf. Its such a fantastic way for anyone to make a business for themselves. Personally, models didnt have a voice. We had cheek bones and thats all we were kind of known for. But now I can speak on my behalf and speak on models behalves and tell them the stories, secrets and trades, whatever. And people are fascinated by that. Its been such a closed off industry that now we are opening up to the world and people are like ah, thats so fascinating. Who would of thought you would have really cared what a model was doing but people seem to care very much so why not put it out there let people know what its all around.

Its not that really big of a secret.

A photo of Coco from her Instagram account, a behind the scenes look at a Banana Republic photoshoot

FI: What is your favorite social media platform?

CR: I wake up every single morning and reach for my phone and Instagram is probably instant. All of my friends are from the West Coast so I wake up and see what theyve done through the night, and make horrible decisions like great moments in life. I have my apps in order on my phone: its Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and then I have a whole social media thing but thats the way we go in order in the morning.

FI: If there were an oxygen movie made about your life, who would play you?

CR: I dont know, this is horrible. I love Liz Taylor and Allison McNally and Bette Midler so this is probably who should not play me but I would love..

FI: Maybe an Emma Stone..?

CR: Maybe. Im totally not into pop culture now im so into what it once was. Me and Zack Posen watched Allison McNally with Judy Garland...theres an amazing epic video of those two singing and literally every year me and Zack send that video to each other. Look it up, it is fantastic. But I dont have someone of my time that I would want to play me so I need to grow up and have them play me now.

Coco at the Met Gala, the wine stain was covered by her hair!

FI: Favorite items in your closet?

CR: I have a Liz Taylor dress that I bought from her auction and it was the most fantastic thing I ever bought. I wore it at the Met Gala and what was so great about it was there was a wine stain on it, but I had my hair over it so you didnt see. But the greatest thing, everyone on the red carpet was like wheres the wine stain? I love things that have stories that make you ask, ah yes, what are you wearing? that sort of thing. What made you think of that? those sort of things.

FI: In the 90s there were all of these big faces, big super models like Naomi Campbell. Recently, they said that that the super model has died down but to us you are a super model. Tell us how that feels?

CR: Why thank you. Its nice when people say that but I agree with the fact there are no supermodels anymore. There was a generation. Are there flapper dancers anymore? No, it was a time. It was an era. It was a moment in time and its the same for supermodels. Its never going to be brought back. It was a moment. If you want to call us top models nowadays sure why not, and if you think of some girls that are so out there... maybe celebrity models but the super models was a moment in time when they owned the industry. If they said they werent doing a show, no girls were doing a show. That show was closed down. If they said we werent doing that cover then it wasnt going to happen. If they werent paid that wasnt going to happen. If I did that, I would be told to go home and theyll find a replacement. And if you were born in the 80s or 90s you are not a super model. I was born in 88 so Naomi was already working.

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