Coachillin.. Coachella look 2

The Look

Shorts:Stylemint c/o

Top: Dex Clothing c/o

Shoes: Cocobelle (on Sale) c/o

Bag: Brahmin c/o

Hat: H&M (old)

Sunnies: Knock Around c/o

Necklace: Jewelmint c/o

Road trips are always fun.... Okay let me rephrase that.. Road trips can be fun.. and I say if it's a short enough trip have a go at it in style...comfy style of course. I actually drove out to the Coachella Valley in this look. I am a sucker for high waisted anything these days...and I say the shorter the short the higher the waist.

It's all about balance.

Dare I say life is all about balance.. but we will stop at that tiny morsel of philosophy and focus on the fashion at hand.