"Does this Juice Cleanse Make Me Look Fat?" and other questions asked by a first time juicer

So I've taken the challenge. For the next three days I'm in cleansing mode, using BluePrint to wash away years of bad decisions in the snack department. A first step in a long process to get myself feeling healthier as I enter my late 20's (ugh, so old), and an early start to that one New Year's Resolutions I always forget about.

I consume potato chips instead of vegetables and stay as far away from anything green, assuming that it tastes like shit. But in all seriousness, my food habits suck. I starve myself all day, due to an awful schedule of 12-hour work days, then get home to order something along the lines of a bacon cheeseburger with a side of chili cheese fries. And if they offer coke, the kind served in a glass bottle, also know as Mexican Coke, the canned kind is for the tasteless, that really makes my day!!!

So after Turkey day, and after a food binge in Miami during Art Basel, pizza at midnight some days and Velvetta mac and cheese with chorizo at 3am on others, I figured it was time to cleanse my fat ass, filled with my bad eating habits and start the year fresh. I've always wanted to do it, just to prove to myself that I could get through it without cheating, a sort of hurrah to my own willpower, I figured it was time. I sometimes drink BluePrint Cleanse green juice as a way to feel better after a binge, but this is something else, six BPC juices a day for three days and nothing else. Pray for me!

So day one, kinda awful but mostly mentally, not physically. I have to admit that I had three sips of black coffee this morning, right after my first juice, but the rest of the day went pretty smoothly. I took juice 2, 3, and 4 with me to work, leaving 5 and 6 at home for the evening. I drank each slowly, almost to coat my stomach with liquids in hopes that it stopped rumbling. I kept myself busy, trying not to think about food while my coworkers were eating greasy, delicious, cheese-topped pizza, cuz today of all days is when our office decides to have a pizza party.

Honestly, the juices are yummy. The green juice tastes citrusy, the pineapple juice tastes exotic, the spicy lemonade tastes like yummy lemons, and the cashew milk is almost like a milkshake, if you close your eyes and imagine, you can almost picture being at Shake Shack with a vanilla 20oz, almost. The beet juice was not my fave, I only drank a quarter of the bottle, and being that it was already 11pm, I moved on to my last juice.

Overall, I'm feeling good, excited for another day, but def craving actual food. Saynt ordered a Roast Beef sandwich and fries from This Little Piggie for dinner, which made it super difficult to sit next to him, and made me want to bash his head with a stiletto. I got so pathetic, that I even asked him to smell his food, thinking it would be sufficient enough to help overcome my hunger pains.

Another day tomorrow, wish me luck! You can also follow my journey on Life.BluePrintCleanse.com.

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