OOTD: City Stripes

I always find myself in the most peculiar circumstances while in transit throughout NYC.

Whether it be a cab driver falling asleep at a stop light, or playing music that is in sync with my piano playlist, somehow chance circumstances have continuously lead me to extraordinary experiences with taxi cabs in the city. This weekend, as I was jumping between New York Fashion Week shows, I found myself arriving early to the Kate Spade presentation. I was about 20 minutes early to the show and had my driver sit with me down the street {rather than standing out in the crazy heat}.

I growled at my cell phone for its lack of reception and he simultaneously felt my frustration and the need to lead us in a meditation. I must admit, as he told me to close my eyes and concentrate on one thought, I thought about how crazy it was that we were sitting in the middle of the city, eyes closed in a cab, meditating together. I sat there for what felt like an hour and peeked one eye open to discover that only 1 minute had passed. “Do not resist the feeling, whether it is good or bad,” he said. Breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth, I smirked and genuinely began to feel calm. I let my thoughts wander from the one feeling I was focusing on, to other thoughts.

Before I knew it, I opened my eyes back up and 10 minutes had passed. There was a line outside the show and it was time to go in.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a sick striped dress I couldn’t resist and after getting a positive response on Instagram I felt this cute little number was worth of bringing to NYC for fashion week! Sadly it isn’t quite yet available online but I thought I would share it on my blog since so many of you inquired about where you could find it.

Cameo The Label Dress {not yet available, but other sick stripe options below} // Manolo Blahnik White Pumps {similar pair here} // Logan Hollowell Earrings // Vita Fede Mini V Ring {$150} // Loren Stewart Pearl Ring {$275} // Dylan Lex Necklace {$640, similar one here}

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs