Christian Louboutin: How He Really Feels About Women

Exclusive interview with Christian Louboutin from our July 2007 issue of Prestige: “It’s very funny to see a perfectly elegant woman and then she loses control, takes off her shoes and asks you to sign them, but now with a certain control, and then to watch her lose control all over again. That’s the part I actually like, it’s almost a child-like response in a nice way.” “I love flat shoes. One of my favorite flat shoes are the Indian style low, low, low, a beautiful sort of ballerina style with a low toe cleavage. I love them. But I don’t like flats that mold to the foot and show toes through material. I do not like stretch fabrics. I don’t like sandals either. They show everything, the foot and toes, and that is not sexy. I never lose the idea that the shoe has to be flattering to the foot.” And the best of all, the quote on top next to his image. So basically, he thinks women loose control (or are uncontrollable), he likes flats but designs five inch heals most women can't walk on, and he thinks we are "tarts." Awesome!