A Quick Guide to Being a Fashionable Chola

Once upon a time, I was a hard ass bitch.

I've been having a little too much fun lately. Having to dress up everyday, posing around for pictures to post on Indie, has really given me some ideas around styles of dress I've always wanted to try. Case in point, today's chola-inspired look, which came about after watching End of Watch, and realizing that Mexican gangbangers really know how to glam it up, while being scary as fuck.

I paired a recent find from Unruly Heir, a Hollywood-squares inspired Sidewalk Socialite sweatshirt ($188, available exclusively at The Cools) featuring a couple of the hottest little door bitches and more familiar personalities like party girl Sophia Lamar and Peter Davis from The Scene magazine.

 I paired the over-sized sweatshirt with a Helmut Lang skirt and Venice Wedges by Jeffrey Campbell.  I threw on my sheep-skin for pimp appeal and made a du-rag from a Chanel scarf. Topped with a Armani fedora and hoop earrings from Tiffany's and I felt I had elevated the chola look to new heights. Gansta squad.

Davis on my tatas.



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