A Stroll On The High Line In Nike

The Cherry Blossom trees were out & about showing off in NY last week.

It was the picture perfect day and this outfit is the epitome of what makes me happy. Any time I can slip on my favorite Nikes and stroll about town I am all smiles. I trotted along The High Line and then cruised down to the Intermix store where I scored this exclusive Helmut Lang blazer that was done for Intermix. I cannot wait to share it with you on the blog. Last summer I invested in the Helmut Lang Relic Blazer which {as you have seen on the blog} I have just about worn into the ground so I figured it was about time to invest in a new one.

Don’t forget to check in on how my Fed Up 10 Day Challenge is going at the end of this post!

Madewell Pocket Tee {$25} // Nike Free 5.0 {$100} // Joe’s Jeans {℅ out of stock, similar pair here & here} // Balenciaga Coat // Logan Hollowell Earrings & Necklaces {email: logan@loganhollowell.com} //

Photos by Alexandra Gibbs

Day Three:

I got pretty crazy last night after dinner with hunger pains. So I chugged some water with lemon {natural sugar!} and focused on a marathon of Friends reruns on Nick at Nite. Can we just talk about the extreme amount of food commercials that are on television? Is it just me or has it gotten a little bit out of control. Take Sonic and Chili’s for example. I love me some tater tots from Sonic and don’t even get me started on the queso, wings and beer margarita’s at Chili’s {mouth watering yet because mine is!}. But why on earth would these companies torture me with these advertisements when {fact} the closest Sonic is nearly 30 miles away and the nearest Chili’s {aside from the one in the LAX airport} is almost 20? It’s absolute torture. Needless to say I powered through a hungry night (even after my delicious sausage and egg breakfast for dinner). I think my entire day started off on the wrong foot when I found out that I couldn’t eat anything until after my physical exam. This left me at 12:30pm having only had 1 cup of black coffee. I was also bummed to learn that I couldn’t find out my body fat percentage rate at the Dr’s office. He said he stopped carrying the instrument in his office because too many patients would get discouraged when they found out they were “overweight.”

Since I was on a mission to find out what my body fat was, I did this home body fat test for fun. I know, I know… it isn’t 100% accurate but I was still pretty shocked at my results:

I have 32% body fat! I have 38.7 pounds of fat and 82.3 pounds of lean (muscle, bone and body water).

According to Health Central, the “Average American Woman has 32% body fat. Phew! Okay, okay so I am average. That isn’t bad! But then I kept reading to find out that the healthy caucasian woman should only have 22%. Rats! So average doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. This means that I should ditch at least 5% and if I’m ambitious, 10%. Being the competitive type … I better get to work. Bring it on Day Four!

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