Character Study - Lisa Turtle

Class is in session and the subject of today's lecture is Lisa Turtle of  TV's Saved by the Bell. We'll discuss her sense of style, designers she might wear today as well as her defining fashion moment. Pay attention as there might be a quiz afterwards. Welcome to Character Study 101. The look: RichBitch-ValleyGirl-FashionPlate Key Pieces: Ballerina skirts, party dresses, say-something hats, leggings, cropped jackets, bold-shouldered blazers Desginers to Wear: Jeremy Scott, Proenza Schouler, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nathan Jenden [caption id="attachment_181491" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Jeremy Scott AW10"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_181492" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Proenza Schouler AW10"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_181493" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Marc by Marc Jacobs SS10"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_181490" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Nathan Jenden AW10"][/caption] Defining Fashion Moment:  Season 1, Episode 1 -  "Dancing to the Max" There's a dance contest at the Max hosted, for some reason, by Casey Kasem and Lisa is super jazzed...that is until she sprains her ankle. The resulting dance, appropriately titled "The Sprain", stands not only as Lisa's greatest moment -- and proof that she can make anything look good, even crutches and a cast -- but as the second greatest moment in SbtB history, behind only Jessie's epic freakout when she gets hooked on caffeine pills. (I'm so excited! I'm SO excited! I'm so ...*sobs* SCARED!) Photos: