Cathy Horyn Praises Sarah Burton's First McQueen Collection

My second favorite bitch in fashion (Tim Gunn is number one) had some really kind things to say about Sarah Burton's first Alexander McQueen collection. Check out her quoteable after the jump. Succeeding Mr. McQueen is a difficult undertaking. Yet Ms. Burton showed two valuable qualities. She was modest about what she chose to take on; some references to the McQueen craft and drama are necessarily, but her choices reflected a gradual transition. And she obviously knows how to make light clothes. Over the next few seasons, she should feel more confident to bring out her own ideas. Craft is important but so is a mood or an emotion. But, all in all, she did an excellent job, and I thought the response in the room was enthusiastic. On The Runway: Sarah Burton’s First Collection for McQueen We couldn't agree more with Cathy. I loved how this collection felt like McQueen, but a more wearable, more ready to wear version of his designs. There was still grandeur, but more of the pieces seemed ready for a normal female rather than just ready for Gaga.