Bombshell Blunt Bangs

Deep and full and long and strong, we love a good blunt bang. An eyebrow skimming fringe can help to strengthen the jaw-line and places attention on the eyes. Keep them wide and full and they can even give the illusion of fuller and thicker strands. Powerful and dramatic, blunt, geometrically shaped bangs are a riveting way to emphasize angles, hide imperfections around the hair line and forehead, break up a long face, or make an exciting fashion statement. They work well with long layers, bobs, and especially updos. Learn more about this signature look in the style notes.

Step 1: Ask your stylist for deep-set blunt bangs that are wide and full. Pair with long layers, bob-lengths, and updos to make the most out of the look. Keeping them the right length is important, as it’s easy for these bangs to start to look shaggy. Go back to the salon for regular bang trims to keep them polished.

Step 2: For styling bangs –– minus the dreaded ‘bubble effect’ –– mist dampened bangs lightly with set and style spray. Blowdry with comb, working from side to side first, and then straight down. The will give you a smooth and shiny bang section.

Step 3: Pair with a a low ponytail for a casual lunch with the ladies; pair with a high ponytail if you’re attending a party and need to make a dramatic entrance. Wear with long layers for a seductive geometric shape; wear with bobs for more of a youthful, flirty appeal.