Blue and Black Winter Outfit

BLUE AND BLACK FOR A WINTER OUTFIT Hello girls, how are you? Sorry for the absence these days but I unplugged a little to dedicate myself to what I love: my family . One of the goals for this 2014 is just that, turn off the computer and dedicate time to me and my boyfriend and there is nothing more beautiful. After four years of your blog if they feel the need, but then the next day you find yourself with a ton of things to do, does not matter. Since I opened the blog it has been a continuous growth experience. Work and collaborations have increased in an incredible way and be able to manage a house (I live alone for 5 years) to work, cultivate the affections and manage a blog is really difficult but there you do it even if sometimes the need to pull the plug is felt.

But let's get to today's outfit worn yesterday waiting for the snow, I know that many have been waiting for with the nose a few flakes, it snowed here in the late afternoon but unfortunately it has not whitewashed streets roofs it, what a disappointment. I decided to wear to this day a hurry electric blue coat you've seen in this outfit (I love it), warm sweater (in fact you can not see the other 2), black skirt and ankle boots.

What do you think? I really hope you enjoy today's outfit. I am sending you a very big hug to you soon!

I WAS WEARING: Coat: Asos Sweatshirt: Romwe Skirt: YesMiss Bag: Phillip Lim Hat: Massimo Rebecchi

Photo by Mirko V.

bisous. Nicoletta Reggio

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