Besame Cosmetics

What makes beauty?... Beauty is an inner spark that glows. It resonates in an aura that captivates the soul. What was the draw of Marilyn Monroe or Louis Brooks that still teases our interest today? Its the feeling they emanate. They project a playful happiness that draws you closer until you are at arms length, where they can steal your heart... Its a feeling. Vintage is not a place or a time, its a fantasy that draws our imagination. When I put on a vintage dress, I become that woman. When I design a vintage dress, I create the woman for the dress. Sometimes, we are inspired by more intimate objects. Lingerie makes you feel sexy, new silk stockings feel fancy, a cage veiled hat wears a coyish smile underneath and makeup has the power to transport and transform. It conjures up memories of playing with your mother's lipstick. It feels glamorous to hold a compact while you powder your nose.

Besames Cosmetics is beauty in the most lovely little vintage packaging. The lipsticks are produced in their signature gold casing with floral details, and my favorites are the cream blush and powders that come in a tin so true to the 30s that you would almost mistake them for vintage!

This week I was sent a sampling to review from Besame Cosmetics: the Crimson Cream Rouge, Lipstick and the Brightening Violet Powder. I had also selected to try the tube mascara, however they are introducing a new product for eyes. Its a mascara and eyeliner in one. The look of the Cake Mascara reminds me a of vintage Japanese calligraphy (sumi). It promises quite a few versatile applications. The other new exciting product is the matchbook lipstick sampler. Try all the colors to find your favorite, or carry a touch up pack on the go! For this shoot, I used the Merlot lip color and the Brightening Violet Powder. First impressions: All of the products look so vintage, and even the boxes are beautiful. These are products you want to carry in your purse or display on your vanity. Further inspection and wear: I have very sensitive skin and eyes from years of wearing heavy makeup for shoots and runway shows. These products are natural and did not irritate my eyes. The powder did not cause a breakout or any irritation to my skin.

Vintage Slip from The Slipperie

Lipstick: The lipstick has a nice creamy texture and almost no taste. Yes, I have a weird thing about the taste of lipstick haha, but no taste is good. The shape of the cosmetic is cut in a vintage center point rather than the modern angled tilt. After applied, it is ever so slightly sheer, but mostly strong pigmented. It gives a nice medium glossy appearance. They have so many wonderful vintage colors and you can try the matchbook sampler which comes with a choice of 2 preset color combinations. We hope it will be more available in local stores.

Tip: If you want more glossy or more matte, apply a clear lip gloss over the top, or a bit of powder for the matte look. If you have drawn slightly over your natural lip line, you have to blot.

Violet Powder: In love. My husband (who is a professional makeup artist) and I both wanted the powder, me for the gorgeous look and he for his professional makeup kit! This powder will not knock you over with a strong perfumed scent. It is lightly violet scented, great for sensitive skin. It has a handy inner lid that opens and closes to seal the powder securely, to put in your purse or take it on the go. I wasnt sure at first what to do with this fine purplish tinted loose powder. My husband told me that it would be perfect for making your skin that one shade whiter for the look of perfect 1930s porcelain skin. It really does the trick!... I have to check if this one made it to my vanity or somehow... ended up in his makeup bag!

I only wore the powder for about 4-5 hours, so Im not sure how long the color lasts past that. You can, and should reapply powder periodically. It is a loose powder and not pressed. While loose is more fun, you need a good brush to apply. Crimson Cream Rouge: A great cream color that blends effortlessly. You can also use it as a lip color! This one is great for a weekend get a way if you want an all in one that is easy to carry. Tips: when applying it, you can also use a brush. I only wish they had more colors!

Clothing for this shoot was provided by The Slipperie on Etsy Makeup by Yusuke Okita