Bell Sleeves For A Walk In Tribeca

Bell sleeve playsuit: Minkpink / Hat: H&M / Boots: Modern Vice / Bag: Celine

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I went a little 70′s on NYC for the first day of my trip in my bell sleeve romper. I mean, my grooviness could not be tamed. I mean it when I say I have a preteen-type, mad, obsessive crush on this city. The people, the energy, the buzzing feeling all around you, and the subconscious desire to want to get outside and do something. Perhaps just being a spectator of success is enough to want to match that. I always swear to myself that I will have to live here one day. Who knows when and how, but hey, anything is possible if you focus your energy on it. *Focuses energy*. Photos by Federica Dall’orso