Being Grace Coddington

Vogue's creative director has iconic hair.

I try to imitate...without the stray cat hairs.

Grace Coddington's career is one to envy and her memoir Grace, released last November, became the must-read of the season, turning up on the instas of resorting fashionites.

She was the Wales-born model, who married men like Mr.Chow, eventually finding homes at British Vogue, Calvin Klein and finally American Vogue, where she's been Anna's go to gal for over 25 years. Along the way she stole the show in The September Issue, gave us a peek through lens in the HBO documentary In Vogue: The Editors Eye, and has become a subject of artists obsessed with her most signature feature, her wild, ginger locks.

Tim Walker was one artist who fell under Grace's spell, snapping the image above, a perfect shot of Fashionville royalty.

Feeling a little adventurous, and saddened that my work schedule at Socialyte leaves little time for memoir reading (seriously Grace, if you're reading this, I bought the book, I've just had no time to read it), I decided to pay hommage to the Grace the great by imitating one of her most famous portraits.

Wearing a Moschino Cheap & Chic tuxedo jacket and a red wig styled by my friends at Arrojo Salon, I had a little too much fun trying to imitate this iconic shoot.

I might just have to wear this thing during fashion week.

Photos by Margrit Wenzel

Love ya Grace...

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