Bedford Exotics: How to Make Thrift Look Effortless

Twas the night before fashion week ended…

… and at that point I had little sleep. This was the last day of fashion week for me and I was relieved to be honest. Though it is a lot of fun it is also a lot of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to make the next show on time and yeah… it’s great once you’re on time and in that seat but until then it’s a lot of stress. Especially in the freezing cold.

I tried out the Bumble & Bumble spray chalk on my hair right after my girl Paula dyed my hair at Arrojo. She does a great job! I wanted to try a cool fun color on my tips so I got this spray chalk at Sephora for $19. The only downfall was the tiny bottle only lasted me one spray so I only got to enjoy this coloring for one day. I had to do a shoot the next day so I had to say goodbye to my punky tips…

It was fun while it lasted! This was the look I wore to my friend Christian Benner’s runway show. He’s awesome. My post from his show is coming later.

Love, R. xx In this look… thrifted Morrisey tee, thrifted boots, old leather jacket and jeans from Asos.

Photographs taken by Noelle

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