TARA WALKER’S DREAM EYE SERUM £39* Although my skin has decided to go a bit wild the past few months, it’s generally pretty good to me. After getting the odd spot or two I decided to try out that ‘drinking water’ thing everyone seems to be doing and shockingly enough, so far so good! I mean who said 400 cups of tea a day isn’t healthy? Anyway, the only issue I ever seem to have with my skin is the bags under my eyes. As I’ve mentioned before I may as well twist my neck around, make hooting noises and become an owl because I’m that nocturnal - oh internet, you are addictive. Apart from my trusty Garnier roll-on and my Caudalie Morning SOS eye cream, the only thing helping my panda eyes right now is the Tara Walker’s Dream Eye Serum. It’s light weight, brightening and full of natural goodies and most importantly, let’s me surf the internet at 4am without any puffiness the next day. Dreamy. (Too far?)