Runway: Backstage at Vivienne Westwood Menswear, Spring/Summer 09

Okay, so, what's with the heroin chic? Were we not done with that in the 80s? The men's eyes are lined with red liner and powered with white powder to look as though they were snorting coke all night. How is that chic? And the grillz? Oh Viv, ghetto style on white trash, way to go with fusing the two! Rag and Bone did the ribbon a few seasons ago, and the Romeo and Julietesque suit with cheap fake gold chains are ridiculous.

With this being said, how does this woman have the right to basically trash Pat Field's for her work on SATC? She stated that the movie was not innovative enough with it's trends, but what the hell is this? Def NOT innovative or trendy!!!

Weigh in indies, agree or disagree?

Image Source: Dazed Digital