An Asexual Sex Magazine: For the Distinguished Perv in All of Us

Richardson is not -- according to founder, stylist Andrew Richardson -- a porn magazine: "We like to call it a sex magazine. We recontextualize sex; we’re analytical about it. Richardson isn’t about coming. Which is the point of porn." Here I thought the point of porn was that sex, much like everything, is better with a camera around. Richardson goes on to explain that the point of Richardson is stimulation: "Not orgasm stimulation, but stimulating debate. It’s like an asexual sex magazine." That may seem a little oxymoronic, but there's nothing less sexy than analyzing sex...which is exactly why I forbid talking before, during, or after it. Last published eight years ago, Richardson is a labor of love for the stylist who refuses to compromise on quality or his vision. But though the mag is highly sexual in nature, Richardson thinks the "porny" trend in fashion magazines has "peaked": "I think people began leaning on sexuality as a way to make the images exciting, in an environment where there wasn’t as much room to be creative with the fashion. I get the sense that trend has peaked. We were in a time of excess, and now we’ve entered the era of sobriety. Everyone’s buttoning up." That's a little disheartening. Carine Roitfeld leaves Vogue Paris and suddenly everyone's tucking away their nipple shots? Well, everyone except Andrew Richardson, noted purveyor of sex, dapper gentleman and lover of pussy: []