Allow me to reintroduce myself

I'm very rational when it comes to shopping and building my wardrobe. Typically I don't invest in many prints, but since the day I saw Novella Royales bell bottoms, I knew I had to have them. After months and months (maybe even a year) of coveting them, I finally caved and bought a pair.. (okay, two pairs. But I mean, they were on sale!) I've seen so many bad rip offs of their designs, obviously for less than half the cost, but with this design you have to invest in a pair from a brand who knows what they're doing. With such a body hugging and bold pant, all the prints lining up and being symmetrical is crucial, and NR kills it. Since my pant's are the statement piece in this outfit, I like to keep the rest of outfit pretty simple and classic, but with a few flirty twists.

Wearing: Made For Pearl blouse | Novella Royale pants | St. Eve necklace and ring | Honey Rose & K bracelet

For anyone who has followed me for a while now, you will remember my online vintage store, American Gypsy Vintage, which was launched over a year ago but quickly had to be shut down upon taking the job as another companies vintage buyer. Well, exciting news! It's back and better than ever! Why? Because it's now a brick and stone and has both men and women's clothing. Yes, my first vintage boutique! My boyfriend Cabot and I have been working 24 hour days getting this ready for the past month or two and we're so excited to finally be open! The love and support we've been getting has been mind blowing and I'm so grateful for it. I'm so thankful for the path the universe has provided into getting us where we are today and I'm so glad I followed my heart to do what has always been my dream since I was 15. Even better, I get to do it with my best friend/love of my life. Always, always, always follow your dreams. Okay, enough mushy stuff.. here's a peek into the store if you can't get over to us! Website should be launched within the month! If you're in the area, come pop in and shop or say hello! 263 Main St., Beacon, New York 12508