All Things Proenza.

Yesterday I had an hour of stroll time to myself and I popped into the Madison Avenue Proenza Schouler store. The store opened in 2012, and obviously, like everything Proenza does, it’s the coolest. Concrete, cacti, cut metal, raw wood beams are everywhere… as designed by architect David Adjaye. (Is it wrong that I really really want a cactus now? I saw another one on a shoot this week, and like these, it was just stunning. Plus, I probably wont kill it?!? But it might spike my kids? Hmmm.) Their second store on Green Street in Soho just opened this month, so that’s news. The fall collection, not to mention the stunning ad campaign that I posted below, is so freakin fab, it’s just IT for the forward thinking fashion people. Of course, I really enjoyed the teeny tiny Memphis inspired prints (ON PONY!) that are straight out of the Saved by the Bell intro. Below: The ad campaign shot by David Sims (but it reminds me a lot of Ryan McGinley’s work), the Madison Avenue and then Green St stores, and some favorite looks from the runway. This is like the trifecta of blog posts: ART! DESIGN! FASHION! all in one.

It’s all so consistently great. If you are in the market for a $7000 jacket or a $700 sweater, you can shop here. Somewhat more affordable, but still really cool are these speckled jeans, this t-shirt, and this geometric pouch.

PS, I’m like a sad wifi monster roaming the streets of Manhattan with my laptop. Wifffiiiiii can I get some WIFFFFFFIIIIIIIIII? Please, can you spare some WiFiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m at my third stop of the day trying to get this going. (Starbucks was a flop.) My internet is so beyond broken, somehow when the guy came to repair it this weekend, he made it worse. NOW my computer doesn’t have a valid IP address and keeps renaming itself in a pop up box every 2 or 3 minutes. PLUS when we call Verizon it all looks hunky dory on their end. WHAT?!?! Oh yea, and I switched over to a desktop 6 months ago, so all my pictures are on my desktop, so I have to put them onto chips and HAND DELIVER the chips to people all over Manhattan. I cant even use my phone as a hotspot because my IOS7 is just not allowing it for some reason. My husband is a hardcore Gen X techie and even he cant figure this out. Every day that I don’t put up a post just makes me feel worse. This is how blogs die.

On the flip side, I have 3 really fun, really different projects to share with you in the upcoming weeks. I’ve been playing catchup on all the work I couldn’t get done over the holidays, and now I’m FINALLY, finally semi adjusted to life back in Manhattan and the work has returned to a normal maintainable pace.

Viva la Sketch42!