A Retrospective Look at Alexander McQueen

Of the many tributes to Alexander McQueen since his demise this February, I regret to report few have really resonated within me. His tremendous contributions to the fashion world and his artistic integrity are nothing new to those of us who follow fashion. Yet for all of our apprecition and adulation, few people have really addressed Alexander McQueen, the man. He was, and remains, an enigma. Earlier this week, fashion critic for the New York Times Cathy Horyn wrote a two-part series which elucidates much of the shroud of mystery surrounding the designer. In it, she presents a picture of McQueen as painted by those closest to him. Their perspective offers an insight into his complexities, his unique artistic vision, and perhaps most vital, the teeming mess of emotions that drove the designer to produce some of the most extraordinary pieces of the past decade. She also presents Sarah Burton, McQueen's only design assistant, as a candidate to assume control of the House he founded. The full story, part one and part two.