1920s Rococo

When we think of 1920s art and fashion, art deco usually first comes to mind. The 20s were a little decade packed with big world inspiring events, inventions, artists and cultural movements. Its not all flappers, fringes and art deco. One of my favorite periods in art history is Rococo, and Rococo was also a favorite of the 20s. You can see its influences everywhere from furniture to fashion. I wanted to push this look outside of the normal wearable vintage. I was inspired by Clara Bow's infamous pout and the gorgeous scroll work of Rococo.

Kimono Coat: My design, Paper Mothball Vintage

Dress: Vintage early 1940s

Purse: Vintage 1940s -50s

Back seam stockings

Shoes: Nine West

Makeup: Mac

Powdered pigments look so pretty in their petite little containers, but its not always easy to use them. They provide a very strong color for eye shadows, best suited to the strong lights of a photography studio. However, the lighter colored pigments are great for everyday highlighting.

For these photos I wanted to give my skin that pearlescent glow seen in Rococo paintings, little dabs of white glowing on a rosy face. To get that look, we used Mac "Frost" pigment. Just dip a powder brush in and apply the same way you would any loose powder. Its best to powder (blush areas) like your cheek bone, jaw bone, nose and chin.