10 Poses to Get You into Vogue: Part 1

Having paged through my fair share of Vogues since acquiring my first issue some ten years ago, I've picked up a trick or two. There are certain poses models always do --  poses that are "classic Vogue." So to master these is to get one horse-like step closer to those hallowed, glossy editorial pages. 1. The Stride What you're thinking: I'm on my way to werq, get out of my way -- oh, look a camera -- I'm giving -- now I'm walking away. What you're doing: Walking slow enough to get in frame and making sure your legs are spread wide enough apart for a dynamic shot. 2. The Editorial Jump What you're thinking: You know I feel so great right now I'm just going to fly everywhere I go today, while still looking relatively motionless. Oh, look a unicorn...gorjuss. What you're doing: Squatting before jumping and giving face at the apex of your jump. 3. The Pensive Jut What you're thinking: I'm deep in thought -- about what, who cares? But I'm looking at the solution to all my problems way off in the distance...and it just winked at me. What you're doing: Hand on hip, other hand at an opposing but complimentary angle with one leg  straight and the other slightly bent. 4. In Repose What you're thinking: Ugh, it's sooooo hard being this glamorous, but I've got to keep it together. Waiter, where's my goddamn cocktail? Oh, there it is...with a Vicodin chaser. Quelle surprise. What you're doing: Staggering your legs, framing your face with your arms, sucking everything in and finding your light. 5. The Stroll What you're thinking: Oh, look! I'm walking again! This is becoming a habit. I'm going about my way, but for some reason everyone around me keeps dying of envy...and I. Love it. What you're doing: Catwalking towards the camera slowly either giving full face to the camera or feigning distraction. Don't forget Part Deux! Photos: Christopher Hall Photography And for more tips on turning it, follow me on Twitter!