10 New York City Designers to Follow on Instagram

With Facebook's photo sharing buy, Instagram being all the rage these days, I've compiled a list of 10 New York City-based designers you must follow.

@MarcJacobsIntl Marc rarely makes an appearance, but his dog seems to show up from time to time, along with images of the Spring campaign, up and coming items, and the occasional retro photo of a fat Karl Lagerfeld.

@Alica_Olivia - Stacy is a mom, a designer, and an overall amazing lady. Her instagram is the ultimate window into her life, which is full of travel, fashion, and food.

@CJRonson - The most famous of the Ronson siblings, Charlotte has a life worth being jealous of.

@JasonWuStudio - A blurry photo of Jason with Karlie and Lily sit alongside photos of the collection, cake and other food items, and calories that the designers burns on weekends at the gym. Probably one of the most well rounded accounts on Insta.


@ItsJeremyScott - I love Jeremy Scott cuz the man is not afraid to dress up. I also love his playful designs and each photo on Insta is a fun surprise.

@PrabalGurung - Prabal loves taking photos of himself, and his niece, but occasionally, a celeb pops up in his feed.

@ProenzaSchouler - Jack and Lazaro take a ton of images of their collection, and I'm loving all the detailed photos, including the above where the boys prepare for the show.

@Peter_Som - Peter mostly takes photos of food, and he seems to cook a ton of soup, but sometimes, a super cute photo of him with a dog pops up.

@ElizandJames - Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen are seldomly seen on this Insta account, yet when they are, we get a not so clear glimpse into their design process.

@Lulu_Frost - Jewelry designer Lisa of Lulu Frost give us a behind the scenes look into her process.



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