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The Infallible Monday Attire

Rise your hand if you like Mondays. No one? I’m not surprised, unless it’s your day off there are little reasons to be excited about its arrival but there’s always a way to cope it.more

What's the One Clothing Item You Can't Live Without?

When I find a jumpsuit I love I know it's a good day. Jumpsuits are just like dresses for me because they are so easy to wear. I wore this outfit on a night out with the hubs and I...more

10 Essential Makeup Tips for Beginners

Here are 10 easy makeup tips for beginners that will help highlight your brilliant smile!more

The Nexxus Routine for Flawless Hair on the Go

Obviously my day evolves a lot around fashion and beauty, since that’s “what I do”, but there’s always time for coffee, buying flowers, and shooting for my blog…more

Add A Touch of Glamour to Your Summer Weekend Look with This Accessory

We are still a little bit tired after last night’s 4th of July celebration on the Queen Mary ship with tons of people.more

Staycation Style- South St., Elie

And when you’re at the seaside heading out for sunset drinks you gotta go nautical. Off the shoulder? Even better.more

The Perfect Bra for You Summer Date Night Outfit

I wanted to share one of my summer date night looks inspired by my partnership with Victoria’s Secret PINK. Last week I posted about a causal way to incorporate the Date Racerback Push-Up bra but this week I’m dressing it...more

Pleated Perfection- One Skirt, Three Seasons

When midi-length skirts came back into style again over a year ago, I was one of the first to jump on board with the trend. I love the flattering feminine shape and how sophisticated they feel.more

3 Keys to Mindless Dressing

Something easy today, I’m sure you all have a version of it in your closet. When I don’t have time to get properly ready in the morning, the things I will throw on myself will be a duster coat, a...more

One Way to Wear Your Date Night Bra Into A Daytime Summer Look

I’m teaming up with Victoria’s Secret PINK to showcase how you can rock their new perfect summer date bra {pretty fitting, huh?} out in the real world!more

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